Robert Fawcett Biography
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Robert Fawcett was born in London in 1903.

Years later the family moved to Winnipeg, Canada and not long after that migrated to New City. Robert’s father, who was an amateur artist (some say a frustrated artist), encouraged his son to be an artist. As young boy his father would give him a penny for every drawing Robert did.

At nineteen, Robert Fawcett returned to London, and for two years studied drawing under the rigorous discipline of the famous Slade School of London University. There he drew continually, morning and afternoon on hard paper and a hard pencil. When it was time to come home, he took several hundred drawings and burned them. He came back to the United States in 1924 and began a long career as an illustrator for advertising agencies as well as editorial illustrations.
In the 1950s when he was at his very best, he did a series of illustrations for Sherlock Holmes stories that appeared in Collier’s magazine. Greatly respected and admired for his excellence in pictorial compositions and draftsmanship, he was known by his peers as the “Illustrator’s Illustrator”.

“I would like people to see a sense of positive organization in my picture”, he once said.

Robert Fawcett died in 1967.
Robert Fawcett