Jordi Bernet Biography
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Jordi Bernet was born in 1944 in Barcelona, Spain.
“I had a wonderful childhood”. He recalls. “I was always surrounded by artists”.
His grandfather was a writer of novels and his father was a famous cartoonist of his time. He had four brothers that were also into the arts. The two eldest were fine artists while the other two drew for the comics. An uncle from his mother’s side was a novelist, an editor and wrote screenplays. Jordi’s younger sister is one of Spain’s best known film editors.

“My earliest recollections was playing and drawing under my father’s drawing board”.
The untimely death of his father at 38, the burden of supporting the family was suddenly thrust on Jordi’s shoulder at age 15. Jordi pleaded with his father’s editor to let him continue the strip that his father was so well known by promising that he would keep his father’s style of drawing. The editor finally relented and the strip continued.
But the ‘cartoony’ style of his father was not what Jordi wanted to do. His heroes were Harold Foster, Milton Caniff, and Alex Raymond.

By the early sixties he was doing a lot of work for the Fleetway Publishing, Ltd. in England. In 1965 he started working for for a Belgium publication, Spirou. It didn’t take long before Jordi was recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the comic book field, not just in Europe but here in the United States.

His ‘Torpedo’ series is recognized in just about any part of the world.
A precocious draftsman, he received Europe’s most prestigious Yellow Kid award, but best of all, he has the respect and admiration of his peers.
Jordi Bernet